Four emerging kitchen trends for 2019


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With 2019 in full swing we have already seen trends emerge that will set the tone for the rest of the year. Kitchen’s are the hub of the home and where the family will more than likely spend most of their time, so it’s important to create a space that your clients will love forever.

Daniel Bertuccio (Marketing Manager at ILVE & Artusi Appliances) is here to share four emerging trends in the kitchen space.

Rich colours

Following the European trends, we are seeing colour making its way into the kitchen. Colour is a great way to add a pop of personality to your space, however, do be careful in your colour selection. Choose rich colours that you know will always work in your space and introduce it in small doses like in a splashback or in your smaller appliances. When it comes to choosing tones, blue and greens are great calming shades to introduce into this area.

Open shelving

Open shelving is emerging as a strong design feature and functional space in today’s kitchen. Not only does it allow you to add in a pop of colour or timber accent, but it is a great way to add an air of openness to the kitchen. Open shelving is also an ideal creative storage solution for things you need quick access to like a cookbook or dinnerware.


Artusi kitchen example


Integrated appliances

Integrated appliances are becoming increasingly popular this year with consumers looking to this solution to give the kitchen a clean and streamlined look. They are a great option for galley kitchens, as they make the best use of the space at hand. Integrated appliances are a great investment as their timeless look is something that will never date.


Sustainability in the home is something that’s becoming more and more prevalent over the years but is really making its mark in 2019. Making sure all your appliances have a high rating when it comes to electricity and water is a great way to become more eco-conscious in the kitchen. Another way you can reduce your footprint is by using appliances that combine two or three features in one. Passive design is also becoming a big trend with people thinking about things such as location, orientation, shading and ventilation when designing a house. For example, by angling the house a certain way you can take advantage of things such as cooling breezes and sun exposure to limit the need for cooling and heating. By taking this all into account you can then design a house that utilises its surroundings to reduce energy use.

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