Making cooking easier for your clients with Bosch Series 6


Bosch Series 6


The Series 6 range of cooking appliances by Bosch makes your client’s cooking life even easier. The range combines a strong array of technological functions including steam-assisted cooking, pyrolytic cleaning, automatic programmes and a sleek contemporary aesthetic.

The Bosch brand is synonymous with beautifully-designed appliances, combined with German-engineered technology and innovations. Numerous residential projects that integrate Bosch can testify to the consistent performance at a competitive price point. In the evolution of Bosch products, the brand has designed the range to meet the needs of their customers when it comes to common cooking needs. The range looks to integrate functions that are only found in premium appliances and provides that an accessible price point. This provides the perfect package for developments that require a stringent kitchen appliance budget.

To keep on top of emerging customer needs, Bosch commissioned a study that looked at how their customers used their appliances. They found that 82% of consumers surveyed1 constantly keep an eye on the oven while cooking and baking. Witht his finding, Bosch has equipped its new Series 6 ovens and cookers with automatic programs, meat probes and steam functions, depending on the model. There are up to 30 automatic AutoPilot programmes, which independently determine the temperature, heating type and cooking time for the selected dish. Perfect results are guaranteed without the need to constantly monitor the oven – regardless of the user’s level of cooking experience.

A point of difference for your next development could be the new built-in microwave with steam function (COA565GS0A), which is equipped with an added grill that is perfect for grilling with up to 2000W and can also serve as a microwave. As it uses a water tank, this compact oven can be used both as an added steam microwave and for pure steam cooking, providing the best of both worlds for your client’s kitchen.

The range also includes a meat probe that measures the core temperature of the meat continuously and precisely to indicate when it is cooked to their preferred point. The range also incorporates a varied choice of heating methods that includes the innovative 3D HotAir, which distributes the heat throughout the oven quickly and evenly. This means your clients can cook on up to three shelves at the same time, without any flavour being transferred from one dish to another.



Another key finding of the survey was that around 51% of the customers2 find cleaning grease spatter and burnt-on stains from their ovens to be a more than a tedious task. You don’t need to be an expert to know that cleaning an oven by hand is exhausting and time-consuming. The range incorporates EcoClean Direct and Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning functions to make this a thing of the past. With pyrolytic self-cleaning, the oven heats itself up to 480°C, thus burning off all grease and dirt residues. Only a little ash is left behind, which can be easily wiped away. Because their time won’t be wasted on cleaning, they’ll have more time to enjoy cooking, a critical marketing point for your project.

Bosch has always followed the objective of not only offering high-quality design, but also making it accessible to all households. A modern design in glass and stainless steel lends the new Series 6 appliances a clear design aesthetic. Elements such as the slim control panel, the polished chrome clip and the embossed Bosch logo establish a seamless link to other Bosch appliances.

The new Bosch Series 6 range is your special ingredient for cooking success and will be available from July 2018.

1 Concept Test Built-in Ovens 2016, Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH.

2 “Built-in oven: Evaluation of cleaning systems 2015” study, July 2016, Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH.

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