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Barker New Farm Kitchen


Situated within inner-city Brisbane, Barker New Farm is an inspired suburban vertical neighbourhood developed by The Kaias Family.

An infill development situated closely to the CBD created a unique opportunity to build an entirely unique residential development.

The project team for this build included architects Conrad Gargett, interior designers Pike Withers, selling agent Wood Peters, construction company Hutchinson Builders and project manager Tom Low.

The development features 21 luxury apartments across seven levels, with six unique configurations.


Barker New Farm bathroom


A combination of finishes including European Oak flooring and cupboards, Rocca Bianca Limestones Tiles and high-end bathroom products match the premium build quality.

Befitting a development of this calibre, Winning Commercial teamed up with Sub Zero & Wolf, Qasair, Franke, Abey and Miele to provide a comprehensive kitchen and laundry product package.

Products used within this development include:


  • LT120 – 45 litre undermount laundry tub


  • PKX110-70 – 700mm Undermount Sink


  • G6660SCVI – Fully Integrated 60cm Dishwasher
  • WKF130 – 8KG Washing Machine
  • TKG852WP – 9kg Heat-Pump Dryer


  • LIS900L2T – 900mm Undercupboard Rangehood
  • LIS800L2T – 800mm Undercupboard Rangehood


  • UCBIT36CIID – 914mm Fully Integrated Fridge with Dual Freeze Drawers
  • ICBIW18 – 457mm Fully Integrated/Glass Door Dual Zone Wine Cabinet
  • ICBIT30CIID – 762mm Fully Integrated Fridge with Dual Freeze Drawers
  • ICBID30RP – 762mm Fully Integrated Dual Fridge Drawers


  • ICBSO30CMB – 760mm Black Convection Steam Oven
  • ICBSO30CMBTH – 760mm Black Convection Steam Oven
  • ICBCG365PS – 914mm Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop
  • ICBCG304TS – 762mm Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

For more information, visit the Barker New Farm website.

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