Wembley Sinks by Schock


Wembley Shock Sink


Represented by Abey Australia, Schock is a German kitchen sink specialist that creates high-quality products with durable and ecologically sound materials.

Each sink is manufactured to extremely rigorous standards and are exported to over 70 countries.

The brand emphasises going beyond the basic requirements to create resource-saving technologies to preserve our environmental future.

Schock’s innovation streak is epitomised by its introduction of the quartz composite Wembley sink. The product has been a constant source of revision and adaptation.

The latest edition of the Wembley sink focuses on introducing a plethora of exciting and engaging colours, imagined on the drawing board, in the lab, on the tool bench and their heads.

in 2018, the Wembley range of sinks has just been released to the Australian market. With a curvaceous bowl and made from the Premium CRISTADUR® material the range sets extraordinary standards in terms of surface feel, practicality and aesthetics.

The release also coincides with a range of new finishes called the “Millennial” collection. With the deep sea as the inspiration, Schock has developed finishes in Dive Blue, Pearl and Cliff.

The range is available in an array of configurations, including Double Bowl, Single Bowl & Drainer and Cliff Double Bowl

For your project, the range represents a stylish alternative that will stand out in the market. Match these sinks with a contemporary kitchen to provide a talking point for your sales team.

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